Fri,August 17, 2018
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Tanzania Institute Education (TIE) Library 

 Library Information

The Library section in Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) is an essential organ to the Institute for curriculum experts, researchers and those interested in eduation. It has a variety of publications such as reference reserve materials including encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases. Books for education, psychology, management and administration, english literature, arts and recreation, secondary school books such as physics, mathematics, history, geography, documents on environment, books for children, kiswahili literature, documents on HIV/AIDS, journals, newsletters etc.

In addition to that, there are reports on various subjects, curriculum documents such as syllabuses, handbooks and guides for teachers in primary and secondary schools. Newspapers like daily news, the Guardian, Nipashe, Uhuru, Mzalendo, Mwananchi, Majira, Mtanzania, The Citizen and Rai are also available to provide current news for different issues on daily bases.Furthermore, the library provides access to both printed and electronic information resources such as electronic journals and books. It maintains a collection of more than 1,000 titles of printed and a number of electronic journal databases.

Library books-2

A portion of  collection in the TIE library

Electronic Journals


This site provides review journals of educational research


This site has research publications journals


This site provides access to over 250 full-text journals in Science, Technology and in Social Science and Humanities. 


This site has prominent journals in Physics and related disciplines. 


The library uses inhouse developed  system known as TIE Library Information Management System (TIE-LIS) for circulation as well as cataloguing, the system also serves as an online catalogue to help users know materials currently available in the library. Local users can acces TIE library online catalogue by  Click here

Library Issue desk 2016

 One of  library staff working at  issue desk

Services Offered

The library also provides information services to library users within and outside the Institute. These services include: lending of library materials in particular to TIE staff, document delivery services, traditional and electronic references services, Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) and Current Awareness Services (CAS). Other services provided by the library include provision of information on anticipation and computer training for library users.

Working Days and Opening Hours:

The Library operates week days from Monday to Friday, starting from 9:00am to 4:00 pm but remains closed on Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays.

Library Rules and Regulations

The Library provides conducive and silent environment for comfortable studying. For that matter, there are stipulated rules and regulations to observe while a person is in the library. The rules and regulations are as follows:

  1. Silence must be observed in the Library.
  2. Mobile phones must be put in vibration or silent mode while in the Library.
  3. A Library user is allowed to borrow a reading material for five days only. If s/he needs to extend the service, one has to renew it, without which s/he will be liable for a penalty imposed upon him/her.
  4. In case of loss or damage the user is supposed to pay the same material or exact the current cost of the same material which was lost.

Library user1-2016

Library User2-2016

Users reading books and other publications available in the Library

Users' Comments

In case of any comments, questions or suggestions, please, write to us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , we will respond.

Welcome to use relevant information in order to flourish the intended goals of the Institute.

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News and Events


TET inapenda kuutarifu umma kuwa Kuanzia tarehe 1/2/2018 haitapokea fedha taslimu za malipo ya huduma inazotoa. Malipo yote yalipwe kupitia benki.

soma zaidi


Taasisi ya Elimu Tanzania (TET) inapenda kuutahadharisha umma kuhusu kuwepo ukiukwaji wa matumizi ya Mihtasari ya Elimu inayoandaliwa na TET.

Soma zaidi


Orodha ya watahiniwa ambao wameitwa kwenye usaili wa kuhamia Taasisi ya Elimu Tanzania.

Soma zaidi



Soma zaidi



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